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Fuse Board Upgrades
At North West Electrical Maintenance, we’re dedicated to powering your peace of mind. Our fuse board upgrade services are designed to bring your electrical system up to date, enhancing safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Fuse Board Repairs & Upgrades

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and functional electrical system in your home or business. That’s why we offer professional fuse board upgrades to bring your property’s electrical system up to the latest safety standards (BS7671). Fuse board upgrades, also known as electrical panel upgrades or consumer unit upgrades, are essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems in homes and commercial buildings. The fuse board, or electrical panel, is the central distribution point that controls and distributes electricity throughout the property. Over time, the demand for electricity in modern homes has increased due to the proliferation of electrical devices, appliances, and technologies.

The downside to older fuse boards

Consequently, older fuse boards may not be equipped to handle the increased electrical load, leading to various issues, including:

  • Electrical overloads: Outdated fuse boards might not have the capacity to handle the simultaneous use of multiple high-power devices, leading to frequent tripping of circuit breakers or blowing of fuses.
  • Fire hazards: Older fuse boards might have outdated components, deteriorated wiring, or inadequate protection, increasing the risk of electrical fires.
  • Lack of safety features: Newer fuse boards come equipped with modern safety features like residual current devices RCDs, SPDs and AFDDs which provide better protection against electrical shocks and fires.
  • Non-compliance with current regulations: Electrical regulations and safety standards continuously evolve, and older fuse boards may no longer meet current legal requirements, which could result in issues during property inspections or insurance claims.
  • Insufficient capacity for future needs: As technology advances and electrical demands grow, older fuse boards become increasingly inadequate to support future electrical needs.

Key benefits of fuse board upgrades

Fuse board upgrades typically involve replacing the existing fuse board with a more modern and sophisticated consumer unit. A consumer unit is equipped with circuit breakers, RCBOs, and other safety devices that ensure proper distribution of electricity and protect against electrical faults.

Here are some key benefits of fuse board upgrades:

  • Enhanced safety: Newer consumer units have advanced safety features that help prevent electrical shocks and fires, ensuring the safety of occupants.
  • Improved performance: Upgrading to a larger-capacity consumer unit allows for a more balanced electrical load distribution and reduces the likelihood of tripping breakers.
  • Compliance: Upgrading the fuse board ensures that the electrical system meets current safety regulations and legal requirements.
  • Accommodate modern electrical needs: The upgraded consumer unit can handle the increased power demands of contemporary appliances and technologies.
  • Increase property value: An upgraded and safe electrical system can add value to the property and make it more appealing to potential buyers or tenants.

It’s important to note that a qualified and licensed electrician should carry out fuse board upgrades to ensure proper installation and compliance with electrical regulations. Regular maintenance and periodic electrical system inspections are also essential to keep it in optimal condition and maintain safety standards.

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Always Hire a Professional – like us!

No matter urgent any electrical repairs seem, it’s never okay to attempt to handle them on your own. Trying to take care of electrical problems without professional training is extremely dangerous. If you or someone else aren’t hurt during your attempt, there’s still a chance that you’ve left something undone that poses a huge risk to you, your home, or your family. So in order to make sure that your home is safe, always rely on a professional for any electrical services.

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